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1 News: April Fools Day on Sat Apr 03, 2010 4:30 am


Hello everyone!

April Fools Day is well and over. I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to prank you all for the day, but I thought a few changes here and there might be interesting.

This news update is going to be a little different. I am going to be doing an interview with MiniMan about what he thought about April Fools Day this year.

Ok, he is back now from making his coffee.

Me: How's the coffee?

MiniMan: Not the best I've made, but good none the less.

Me: Cool. What were your first thoughts when you saw Spectrum on April Fools Day?

MiniMan: Wtf have you done to my forum! Put me off going on spec to be honest.

Me: Why was that?

MiniMan: Coz first impressions left me with that you had changed everyones names to some random alien thing

Me: But I only changed my name.

MiniMan: Thats why i said 'first impressions'

Me: hahahaha. So then what did you think?

MiniMan: Still annoyed me. Didn't go on as much, etc. Btw, you have ten minutes. I need to go to work.

Me: hahahaha. Ok. Did you ever think the forum had been hacked?

MiniMan: Not once. Not that stupid.

Me: Do you like the banner I made?

MiniMan: No, again, just annoying.

Me: How is it annoying when you know what it says?

MiniMan: Coz I don't like the wingdings font thingo. It annooooys me

Me: Ok then. Did you notice any other changes to Spectrum?

MiniMan: Other than the stupid font, and the little caption thing that said blah blah blah someones been captured blah blah blah and your name and dp change, err, no

Me: There was another thing. You probably didn't notice it because you were going on as much.

MiniMan: And that was?

Me: I censored the word the & and to turn into a happy smiley and a sad smiley

MiniMan: Oh yeah, I noticed that. Just didn't take notice. Didn't bother me I mean.

Me: hahahahahaha. That was Narurin's idea actually.

MiniMan: aws. (thumbs up) 4 minutes

Me: Do you know how many people I turned into aliens?

MiniMan: You, Fade. That's it I think.

Me: Narurin as well. I changed ThePinkMamaLuigi's twice, but he kept changing it back and I changed DeMoN's when he signed up but he changed it as well.

MiniMan: Fair enough (thumbs up)

Me: Did you do any pranking yourself?

MiniMan: Was going to put balloons under Mum's tyres, but I had to go to CET, so I couldn't

Me: CET?

MiniMan: College of Electrical Training

Me: Awesome. Thanks for letting me interview you today.

MiniMan: My pleasure

Me: Have fun at work.

The main idea was that an alien called Master Joobawok, the leader of the alien race Joobawok, had taken over Spectrum and wanted to turn humans into aliens. Wingdings is their language, so I changed the Spectrum and Members' Lounge banners into Wingdings. I created an account for Master Joobawok, who I unfortunately only posted things a few times. There wasn't much activity on the day. I changed my name to EE-MIL-YA, and wrote a few of my posts in dragged out wording. I changed a few of our member's display pictures into aliens. The idea was that anyone that signed in would be changed.
If I have changed your display picture, you may change it back now.



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2 Re: News: April Fools Day on Sat Apr 03, 2010 8:20 am


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You had me fooled.... alot


3 Re: News: April Fools Day on Sat Apr 03, 2010 12:37 pm


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Mmm Cofffeeeeeee

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