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Double Century
Not even joking i don't know what to think of it...

Pretty much the zx spectrum is a computer system that was released in 1982 and became quite popular but more importantly it was the first platform development team rare (who went on to create golden eye) created games for.

Fast forward quite a few years and Rare wonder if they can fully emulate the system on the Nintendo 64s hardware, so an effort to emulate the system was a side project while developing goldeneye.

Now using hacks we know that the emulator works, though this cant be replicated on an actual system due to easy access was removed upon release (but the code was still left in as an easter egg for hackers).

However this zx spectrum code did end up being used in Donkey Kong 64 to emulate the Rare 1983 game Jetpac

and there do I rule spectrum now that I revealed how meta the name accidently is?



Grunt Attack

Double Century
Nice find there Razz


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