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Hey everyone,

Over the past few weeks, I have recruited many awesome people to our clan and the server has been as busy as ever.
Your dedication to the mod is to thank for that.

However, I have been the one who tries to make the server busy on a day to day basis. I invite everyone on my friends list and certain people join. And now with uni starting again and many of our members being from the USA, I won't be playing as much as I would like to, except maybe on the weekends.

Therefore, if YOU want to play on our server, then you can be in control of how busy it gets.

Every official Spectrum member is in the "GoldenEye: Spectrum" group. Go ahead and add these members and say hello. Then, you will know which members are available to have a game.

Also, anyone is allowed to recruit to our clan. Just ask them to sign up to the forums and start a thread to ask to join the clan. I will happily do the rest.

Obviously, I won't be on to admin the server, so get into contact with MaJoR, who is the server owner, if you have any issues.

Have an awesome time gaming and I hope to see you on the forum



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Do you have any sort of data on how much an Australian server would cost? Cos I think we'd all be happy to chip in a bit every month to avoid those 200+ pings, especially on our on server.

Not that I'm complaining, though. I love our US server Very Happy

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Last time I checked AUS servers are like 3x more then other locations.

A typical 12 man US server is ~$14 month, so AUS might be around $40 a month. Yeah it's a lot.

Currently the Spec GE:S server cost $0, so saving some money there haha.

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